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Welcome To Big Brother 5

Greetings Houseguests

Big Brother 5 Role-Playing
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Welcome To Big Brother 5!

This is a Big Brother Role Playing Community


1. Join the community and write a post saying which person from Big Brother 5 (US) you are. If you want to be a person that has already been evicted, that's fine because they will be here for the party at the end. So please take into consideration being a person that has been evicted already. The names in bold are the people still in the house. (You don't have to have an icon of that person, but it would be nice if you did)

2. You are in the house for as long as your person is on the show.

3. You must create a journal for this person. The username should include your person's name. The journal will be the 'diary' of this person. (Note: the diary may include not only stuff that happens on the show, but stuff that happens on this community) MAKE SURE YOU LINK THE DISCLAIMER ON THE USERINFO OF YOUR PERSON!

4. Since we are going by how long the person is on the show, you are HOH, veto holder or nominated-for-eviction houseguests if your person is on TV.

5. To interact with the other houseguests, you can either post here on the community journal, on your own journal, and/or make a screen name. The screen name should be something like bbNAMEbb.

6. Please be nice. I know that on the show, the people aren't exactly friendly with everyone in the house, and that's fine, but please try to refrain from swearing at each other. If you want to argue, that's fine...but NO SWEARING!

7. Have fun!

A/N: Since I am the moderator, I will also be the "Julie Chen" here.

Big Brother 5 Houseguests
Drew Daniel
Jennifer Dedmon aka Nakomis -jennifer_dedmon
Michael Ellis aka Cowboy -cowboy_michael
Diane Henry -diane_henry

Holly King -holly_king
Marvin Latimer -marvin_latimer
Scott Long
Mike Lubinski
Adria Okins -adriaxokins
Natalie Okins -natalie_okins
Karen O'Neil-Ganci -k_oneil_ganci
Lori Valenti
Will Wikle
Jase Wirey

We are NOT these real people. We are just fans playing them in a role-playing game.